Application Standard JBL Part Number Description Part Code Revision
GMGDS Pressure 90.25.225 DD2NM Digital Nitrogen Pressure Monitor Kit 90.25.225 08.13.18
GMGDS Pressure 90.25.355 DD2HM Digital Nitrogen Pressure Monitor Kit - Low Pr. 90.25.355 08.13.18
GMGDS Electrical 90.40.010 MB18 18mm Sensor Mounting Bracket 90.40.10 07.30.12
GMGDS Electrical 90.40.015 MB30 30mm Sensor Mounting Bracket 90.40.15 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.270 PT Polyurethane Tubing 90.40.270 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.286 TC1 Tubing Clip 90.40.286 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.287 CUE Union Elbow 90.40.287 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.288 CUT Union Tee 90.40.288 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.289 CMS ISO R Male Straight Connector 90.40.289 11.17.14
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.290 CME ISO R Male Elbow Swivel Connector 90.40.290 11.17.14
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.291 PHN ISO R Hex Nipple 90.40.291 08.05.13
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.292 CMS-G ISO G Male Straight Connector 90.40.292 08.05.13
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.293 CME-G ISO G Male Elbow Swivel Connector 90.40.293 08.05.13
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.294 CRT Reducing Tee 90.40.294 08.05.13
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.310 AHB2-48W Air Header Bracket - Wide 90.40.310 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.315 AHB2-48N Air Header Bracket - Narrow 90.40.315 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.320 AHB1-48 Air Header Bracket - Single 90.40.320 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.330 DD2FH 1 Flow Control Header - 6, 8 & 10mm 90.40.330 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.335 DD2FH 2 Flow Control Header - 12 & 16mm 90.40.335 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.340 DD2FM 1 Flow Control Manifold - 6, 8 & 10mm 90.40.340 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.345 DD2FM 2 Flow Control Manifold - 12 & 16mm 90.40.345 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.356 DD2CPIU Pneumatic Device Indicator 90.40.356 01.02.13
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.360 DD2AM28 Pneumatic Distribution Block - 6-Stn x G1/4 90.40.360 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.365 PPH ISO G Hex Plug 90.40.365 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.370 PR ISO Pipe Reducer 90.40.370 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.380 DD2AM38 Pneumatic Distribution Block - 6-Stn x G3/8 90.40.380 07.30.12
GMGDS Pneumatic 90.40.395 DD2SPIU Pneumatic Device Indicator - Ret Sunroof 90.40.395 11.19.14
GMGDS Draw Dies 90.50.181 DD4GL Blank Gage With Sensor, Lever Type 90.50.181 05.18.16
GMGDS Draw Dies 90.50.215 DD3GW Wave Blank Gage Sensor Kit 90.50.215 07.30.12
GMGDS Progressive 90.80.071 DD2AM10-2 Pneumatic Manifold Assembly - 10mm 90.80.71 07.30.12
GMGDS Progressive 90.80.075 DD2CAP Progressive Accumulator Air Cylinder 90.80.75 07.30.12
GMNA Pressure N90.25.10 DD1N AC/DC Nitrogen Pressure Monitor Kit M-1858 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.05 DD2T18 Cam Closed Sensor Kit M-1787 07.19.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.20 MG30 30mm Sensor Mounting Guard M-1578 05.11.15
GMNA Electrical N90.40.25 MG18 18mm Sensor Mounting Guard M-1590 05.11.15
GMNA Electrical N90.40.31 DD2T18G Blank Gage Sensor Kit M-1788 08.05.14
GMNA Electrical N90.40.32 DD2T18L 18mm Panel On Gage Sensor Kit M-1789 08.05.14
GMNA Electrical N90.40.33 DD2T18S 18mm Panel On Gage Sensor Kit - Short Body M-1849 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.60 DD2E04S-4 Series Relay Junction Box Kit, 4-Station M-1767 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.65 DD2E04S-8 Series Relay Junction Box Kit, 8-Station M-1768 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.86 BRK4E Bulkhead Receptacle Kit M-1719 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.105 CE4ESS Extension Cable, 4-Pin Euro M-1766 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.106 CE4ESR Extension Cable, 4-Pin Euro Rt Angle M-1848 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.140 DD2E12U Utility Junction Box Kit M-1642 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.155 M-1587 AC/DC Transfer Finger Electrical Cable M-1587 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.175 DD2A19L Die ID Adapter Box - Standard M-1735 01.13.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.180 DD2DB12L Distribution Block - Standard M-1736 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.185 DD2A19T Die ID Adapter Box - AA Transfer / 4500FP M-1737 09.15.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.190 DD2DB12T Distribution Block - AA Transfer & 4500FP M-1738 11.02.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.195 MG2DB-8 Distribution Block Mounting Guard M-1679 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.200 ED219A Die ID Adapter Box Housing M-1811 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.205 CA19-90 19-Pin Receptacle Mounting Adapter M-1812 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.210 DD2T30 30mm Panel On Gage Sensor Kit M-1833 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.220 CJ12S Utility Electrical Jumper Cable M-1669-S/R 02.03.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.225 ECGH Di-Dro HPU - Electrical Layout N/A 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.230 DD2E04H Interface Box Di-Dro HPU M-1822 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.235 DD2T12H Tryout Power Supply Di-Dro HPU M-1823 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.240 DD2LRH Heavy Duty Limit Switch Kit Di-Dro HPU M-1825 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.245 BS8141-0 Field Wireable Connector Di-Dro HPU M-1839 07.30.12
GMNA Electrical N90.40.255 DD1E19LQ AC/DC Special Die ID Box M-1879 09.15.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.260 DD1T08 AC/DC 8mm Sensor - 3-Pin Micro M-1845 09.15.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.270 DD1T18L AC/DC 18mm Panel On Gage Sensor Kit M-1856 09.15.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.275 DD1T30 AC/DC 30mm Panel On Gage Sensor Kit M-1854 09.15.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.280 DD2DB12S Distribution Block - AAS5X Transfer M-1865 09.15.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.290 DD1T18G AC/DC Blank Gage Sensor Kit M-1868 11.05.15
GMNA Electrical N90.40.295 CE3MC AC/DC Electrical Extension Cable - 3-Pin Micro M-1869 09.15.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.705 DD1T18 AC/DC Cam Closed Sensor Kt M-1875 09.15.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.710 BRK3MC AC/DC Bulkhead Receptacle - 3-Pin Micro M-1876 09.15.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.715 SCU03M AC/DC Series Sensor Union Cable M-1877 11.05.15
GMNA Electrical N90.40.720 DD2T30U 30mm Panel On Gage Sensor Kit - Aluminum M-1889 01.16.13
GMNA Electrical N90.40.725 DD2T18U 18mm Panel On Gage Sensor Kit - Aluminum M-1890 01.16.13
GMNA Electrical N90.40.730 DD2T08 8mm Cam Sensor M-1896 09.15.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.735 DD2S30 30mm Panel Leaving Sensor Kit M-1904 05.11.15
GMNA Electrical N90.40.740 DD2A24 24-Pin Die ID Adapter Box M-1929 01.13.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.745 DD2DB24 24-Pin Die Distribution Block M-1934 07.27.18
GMNA Electrical N90.40.750 CECG4E Electrical Extension Cable, Coiled M-1935 07.19.16
GMNA Electrical N90.40.760 CE12SS Distribution Block Extension Cable M-1965 09.15.17
GMNA Electrical N90.40.765 SCU04S2 Standard Series Connector Union M-1975 11.17.17
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.305 DD2CP Multi-Coupling Plate Assembly M-1665 08.31.12
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.306 MB2AH Mounting Bracket, Coupling Plate M-1499 08.31.12
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.315 DD2CPL In-Die Lube Multi-Coupling Plate Kit M-1624 08.31.12
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.365 DD2LN In-Die Lube Nozzle Kit M-1672 08.31.12
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.355 DD2LP In-Die Lube Pump Kit, 5-Station M-1801 08.31.12
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.370 NT28C In-Die Lube Nozzle Tubing - Nylon N/A 08.31.12
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.375 CT28 In-Die Lube Nozzle Tubing - Copper N/A 08.31.12
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.385 801-12 High Volume Air Hose - 19mm ID M-1802 06.25.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.390 31382-12-12 High Volume Straight Swivel Fitting M-1803 06.25.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.395 3/4-CD-S High Volume Street Elbow, 3/4 NPT M-1804 06.25.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.396 1/2x3/4CD-S High Volume Reducing Elbow, 3/4 x 1/2 NPT M-1805 06.25.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.400 3/4-DD-S High Volume Female Elbow, 3/4 NPT M-1806 06.25.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.405 DD2CU-HD High Volume HPU Utility Coupling Plate M-1640B 05.23.18
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.410 DD2CU-H2 High Volume Die Utility Coupling Plate M-1640D 05.23.18
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.415 DD2ST5 High Volume Surge Tank Kit M-1762 12.21.17
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.420 DD2AV12 High Volume Air Valve Kit - Standard M-1770-A/B 08.31.12
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.421 TC1 High Volume Hose Clip M-1771 06.25.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.430 PT10C Polyurethane Tubing, 10mm OD Clear M-1807 06.25.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.435 AHB1-68 High Volume Air Connecting Block - Single M-1795 06.25.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.440 AM1-8-12 High Volume Air Manifold M-1612 06.25.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.445 FC68 High Volume Air Flow Control M-1799 06.25.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.450 PPF Pipe Flush Plug M-1798 09.15.17
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.460 PSE45-68 High Volume Street Elbow, 45 Degree M-1808 06.25.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.465 DD2AV16 High Volume Air Valve Kit - High Flow M-1840-A/B 06.25.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.490 DD2AH48L Coiled Air Hose Kit - Lower Die M-1814 01.03.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.495 DD2AH48U Coiled Air Hose Kit - Upper Die M-1815 01.16.13
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.500 PHN High Volume Hex Nipple M-1895 06.25.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.501 DD2ST68 High Volume Air Surge Tank - Large M-1821 12.21.17
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.502 DD2CV16T High Volume Air Dual Feed Kit M-1902 11.06.14
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.505 DD2DV16 Double Pilot Air Valve - G1/2 Ports M-1944 08.22.16
GMNA Pnuematic N90.40.510 DD2SR48 Muffler, G 1/2 M-1922 08.22.16
GMNA Pnuematic N90.40.515 DD2SAV Stem Actuated Air Valve M-1923 08.22.16
GMNA Pnuematic N90.40.520 ST04 Shuttle Valve, G 1/2 M-1924 08.22.16
GMNA Pneumatic N90.40.900 CPN38 Air Adapter M-1813 06.25.14
GMNA Draw Die N90.50.70 DD1BG40 Binder Bumper Gage, Gas Spring - 40mm M-1851-40 11.03.17
GMNA Draw Die N90.50.70 DD1BG50 Binder Bumper Gage, Gas Spring - 50mm M-1851-50 11.03.17
GMNA Draw Dies N90.50.75 DD2GBA200 Adjustable Blank Gage / Bar Sensor Kit M-1863 08.31.12
GMNA Draw Dies N90.50.80 DD1GB100 Blank Gage with AC/DC Bar Sensor - 100mm M-1871 07.19.16
GMNA Draw Dies N90.50.85 DD1GB150 Blank Gage with AC/DC Bar Sensor - 150mm M-1872 07.19.16
GMNA Draw Dies N90.50.90 DD1GB200 Blank Gage with AC/DC Bar Sensor - 200mm M-1873 07.19.16
GMNA Draw Dies N90.50.95 DD1GB250 Blank Gage with AC/DC Bar Sensor - 250mm M-1874 07.19.16
GMNA Draw Die N90.50.105 DD2GB100 Blank Gage / Bar Sensor Kit - 100mm Ht M-1656-100 07.19.16
GMNA Draw Die N90.50.110 DD2GB150 Blank Gage / Bar Sensor Kit - 150mm Ht M-1656-150 07.19.16
GMNA Draw Die N90.50.115 DD2GB200 Blank Gage / Bar Sensor Kit - 200mm Ht M-1656-200 07.19.16
GMNA Draw Die N90.50.120 DD2GB250 Blank Gage / Bar Sensor Kit - 250mm Ht M-1656-250 07.19.16
GMNA Draw Die N90.50.125 DD2BG50 Binder Bumper Gage, Air Cylinder - 50mm M-1942-50 11.03.17
GMNA Draw Die N90.50.125 DD2BG40 Binder Bumper Gage, Air Cylinder - 40mm M-1942-40 11.03.17
GMNA Pierce Die N90.60.65 DD2PBXL XL Punch Storage Box M-1973 08.22.17
GMNA Progressive N90.80.21 DD2ER Progressive Part Stack Sensor Kit M-1809 11.02.17
GMNA Progressive N90.80.22 MB18G Progressive Part Stack Mounting Bracket M-1793 08.31.12
GMNA Progressive N90.80.30 DD2DV10 Progressive Diverter Valve Kit M-1774 08.31.12
GMNA Progressive N90.80.35 DD2ST9 Progressive Air Surge Tank Kit M-1772 11.06.14
GMNA Progressive N90.80.41 DD2SF100 Progressive Short Feed Sensor Kit - Vertical M-1791 08.31.12
GMNA Progressive N90.80.42 DD2SF100S Progressive Short Feed Sensor Kit - Straight M-1792 08.31.12
GMNA Progressive N90.80.43 DD2SF50 Progressive Short Feed Sensor Kit - Vertical M-1894 09.25.13
GMNA Progressive N90.80.50 DD2A19P Die ID Adapter Box - Progressive M-1739 05.03.17
GMNA Progressive N90.80.55 DD2DB12P Distribution Block - Progressive M-1740 07.27.15
GMNA Progressive N90.80.120 DD2FHE Pneumatic Header - Elevator Accumulator M-1966 03.14.17
Press Equip. P90.40.155 M-1383-A AC Transfer Rail Cable M-1383-A 08.31.12
Press Equip. P90.40.155 M-1588-A DC Transfer Rail Cable M-1588-A 08.31.12
Press Equip. P90.40.155 M-1588 DC Transfer Finger Electrical Cable M-1588 08.31.12
Press Equip. P90.40.175 CA19 19-Pin Receptacle Mounting Adapters CA19 08.31.12
Press Equip. P90.40.175 DD2RP19 Panel Receptacles, 19-Pin DD2RP19 08.31.12
Press Equip. P90.40.175 CP19 19-Pin Plug & Cable Assemblies CP19 06.22.16
Press Equip. P90.40.175 CJ19 19-Pin Jumper Cables M-1927 06.22.16
Press Equip. P90.40.175 CE19 19-Pin Extension Cables M-1928 06.22.16
Press Equip. P90.40.175 DD2TKN Electrical Die Test Kit M-1980 10.02.17
Press Equip. P90.40.305 DD2CP-F Pneumatic Press Coupler M-1948 03.20.17
Press Equip. P90.40.305 NTC38 Coiled Nylon Tubing, Single M-1951 03.02.17
Press Equip. P90.40.305 PTC38GR-4 Coiled Polyurethane Tubing, 2-Circuit M-1950 03.02.17
Press Equip. P90.40.315 DD2CPL-4P Pneumatic Press Coupler - Lube Port M-1949 03.20.17
Press Equip. P90.40.405 DD2CU-HP Pneumatic Press Utility Coupler, Elec Conn M-1640A 03.20.17
Press Equip. P90.40.405 DD2CU-HS Storage Utility Coupling Plate, High Volume M-1640C 05.23.18
Press Equip. P90.40.410 DD2CU-HP2 Pneumatic Press Utility Coupler M-1640E 03.20.17
Press Equip. P90.40.740 CJ24 24-Pin Jumper Cables M-1930 01.12.17
Press Equip. P90.40.740 CE24 24-Pin Extension Cables M-1931 01.12.17
Press Equip. P90.40.740 CA2419 Adapter Cable, 24-Pin Die to 19-Pin Bolster M-1932/3 01.12.17
Press Equip. P90.40.740 CA1924 Adapter Cable, 19-Pin Die to 24-Pin Bolster M-1936/7 01.12.17