Application Standard JBL Part Number Description Part Code Revision
Pressure 90.25.355 DD2HM Digital Nitrogen Pressure Monitor Kit - Low Pr. 90.25.355 10.29.18
Electrical 90.40.010 MB18 18mm Sensor Mounting Bracket 90.40.10 07.30.12
Electrical 90.40.015 MB30 30mm Sensor Mounting Bracket 90.40.15 07.30.12
Pneumatic 90.40.291 PHN ISO R Hex Nipple 90.40.291 08.05.13
Pneumatic 90.40.292 CMS-G ISO G Male Straight Connector 90.40.292 08.05.13
Pneumatic 90.40.293 CME-G ISO G Male Elbow Swivel Connector 90.40.293 08.05.13
Pneumatic 90.40.294 CRT Reducing Tee 90.40.294 08.05.13
Pneumatic 90.40.310 AHB2-48W Air Header Bracket - Wide 90.40.310 07.30.12
Pneumatic 90.40.315 AHB2-48N Air Header Bracket - Narrow 90.40.315 07.30.12
Pneumatic 90.40.320 AHB1-48 Air Header Bracket - Single 90.40.320 07.30.12
Pneumatic 90.40.330 DD2FH1 Flow Control Header - 6, 8 & 10mm 90.40.330 07.30.12
Pneumatic 90.40.335 DD2FH2 Flow Control Header - 12 & 16mm 90.40.335 07.30.12
Pneumatic 90.40.340 DD2FM1 Flow Control Manifold - 6, 8 & 10mm 90.40.340 07.30.12
Pneumatic 90.40.345 DD2FM2 Flow Control Manifold - 12mm & 16mm 90.40.345 07.30.12
Pneumatic 90.40.356 DD2CPIU Pneumatic Device Indicator 90.40.356 06.01.21
Pneumatic 90.40.360 DD2AM28 Pneumatic Distribution Block - 6-Stn x G1/4 90.40.360 07.30.12
Pneumatic 90.40.365 PPH ISO G Hex Plug 90.40.365 07.30.12
Pneumatic 90.40.370 PR ISO Pipe Reducer 90.40.370 07.30.12
Pneumatic 90.40.380 DD2AM38 Pneumatic Distribution Block - 6-Stn x G3/8 90.40.380 07.30.12
Pneumatic 90.40.395 DD2SPIU Pneumatic Device Indicator - Ret Sunroof 90.40.395 06.01.21
Draw Die 90.50.181 DD4GL Blank Gage With Sensor, Lever Type 90.50.181 05.18.16
Draw Die 90.50.215 DD3GW Wave Blank Gage Sensor Kit 90.50.215 03.16.21
Progressive 90.80.071 DD2AM10-2 Pneumatic Manifold Assembly - 10mm 90.80.71 07.30.12
Progressive 90.80.075 DD2CAP Progressive Accumulator Air Cylinder 90.80.75 07.30.12
Die Shoe N90.20.55 DD2RF RFID Tag Kit - Grab Crane Dies M-1996 09.17.21
Electrical N90.40.05 DD2T18 Cam Closed Sensor Kit M-1787 06.10.19
Electrical N90.40.105 CE4ESS Extension Cable, 4-Pin Euro M-1766 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.106 CE4ESR Extension Cable, 4-Pin Euro Rt Angle M-1848 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.140 DD2E12U Utility Junction Box Kit M-1642 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.155 M-1587 AC/DC Transfer Finger Electrical Cable M-1587 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.176 DD2A19L Die ID Adapter Box - Standard M-1989 06.16.21
Electrical N90.40.180 DD2DB12L Distribution Block - Standard M-1736 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.186 DD2A19T Die ID Adapter Box - AA / XL M-1990 06.16.21
Electrical N90.40.190 DD2DB12T Distribution Block - AA / XL M-1738 11.02.17
Electrical N90.40.195 MG2DB-8 Distribution Block Mounting Guard M-1679 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.20 MG30 30mm Sensor Mounting Guard M-1578 05.11.15
Electrical N90.40.200 ED219A Die ID Adapter Box Housing M-1811 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.205 CA19-90 19-Pin Receptacle Mounting Adapter M-1812 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.210 DD2T30 30mm Panel On Gage Sensor Kit M-1833 06.10.19
Electrical N90.40.220 CJ12S Utility Electrical Jumper Cable M-1669-S/R 11.20.20
Electrical N90.40.225 ECGH Di-Dro HPU - Electrical Layout N/A 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.230 DD2E04H Interface Box - Di-Dro HPU M-1822 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.235 DD2T12H Tryout Power Supply - Di-Dro HPU M-1823 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.240 DD2LRH Heavy Duty Limit Switch Kit - Di-Dro HPU M-1825 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.245 BS8141-0 Field Wireable Connector - Di-Dro HPU M-1839 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.25 MG18 18mm Sensor Mounting Guard M-1590 05.11.15
Electrical N90.40.280 DD2DB12S Distribution Block - AAS5X Transfer M-1865 09.15.17
Pneumatic N90.40.305 DD2CP Multi-Coupling Plate Assembly M-1665 08.31.12
Pneumatic N90.40.306 MB2AH Mounting Bracket, Coupling Plate M-1499 08.31.12
Electrical N90.40.31 DD2T18G Blank Gage Sensor Kit M-1788 06.10.19
Pneumatic N90.40.315 DD2CPL In-Die Lube Multi-Coupling Plate Kit M-1624 08.31.12
Electrical N90.40.32 DD2T18L 18mm Panel On Gage Sensor Kit M-1789 06.10.19
Electrical N90.40.33 DD2T18S 18mm Panel On Gage Sensor Kit - Short Body M-1849 06.10.19
Pneumatic N90.40.355 DD2LP In-Die Lube Pump Kit, 5-Station M-1801 08.31.12
Pneumatic N90.40.365 DD2LN In-Die Lube Nozzle Kit M-1672 08.31.12
Pneumatic N90.40.370 NT28C In-Die Lube Nozzle Tubing - Nylon N/A 08.31.12
Pneumatic N90.40.375 CT28 In-Die Lube Nozzle Tubing - Copper N/A 08.31.12
Pneumatic N90.40.385 801-12 High Volume Air Hose M-1802 06.25.14
Pneumatic N90.40.390 HSW High Volume Straight Swivel Fitting M-1803 06.25.14
Pneumatic N90.40.395 PSE90 High Volume Street Elbow M-1804 06.25.14
Pneumatic N90.40.396 PSER90 High Volume Reducing Street Elbow M-1805 06.25.14
Pneumatic N90.40.400 PFE High Volume Female Elbow M-1806 06.25.14
Pneumatic N90.40.405 DD2CU-HD High Volume HPU Utility Coupling Plate M-1640B 05.23.18
Pneumatic N90.40.410 DD2CU-H2 High Volume Die Utility Coupling Plate M-1640D 05.23.18
Pneumatic N90.40.415 DD2ST5 High Volume Air Surge Tank Kit - Small M-1762 09.17.18
Pneumatic N90.40.430 PT10C Polyurethane Tubing, 10mm OD Clear M-1807 06.25.14
Pneumatic N90.40.435 AHB1 High Volume Air Connecting Block - Single M-1795 06.25.14
Pneumatic N90.40.440 AM1 High Volume Air Manifold M-1612 06.25.14
Pneumatic N90.40.445 FC High Volume Air Flow Control M-1799 06.25.14
Pneumatic N90.40.450 PPF Pipe Flush Plug M-1798 09.15.17
Pneumatic N90.40.460 PSE45-68 High Volume Street Elbow, 45 Degree M-1808 06.25.14
Pneumatic N90.40.465 DD2AV16 High Volume Air Valve Kit - High Flow M-1840-A/B 06.25.14
Pneumatic N90.40.490 DD2AH48L Coiled Air Hose Kit - Lower Die M-1814 12.14.18
Pneumatic N90.40.495 DD2AH48U Coiled Air Hose Kit - Upper Die M-1815 01.16.13
Pneumatic N90.40.501 DD2ST68 High Volume Air Surge Tank - Large M-1821 09.17.18
Pneumatic N90.40.502 DD2CV16T High Volume Air Dual Feed Kit M-1902 11.06.14
Pneumatic N90.40.505 DD2DV16 Double Pilot Air Valve M-1944 08.22.16
Pneumatic N90.40.510 DD2SR48 Muffler, G 1/2 M-1922 08.22.16
Pneumatic N90.40.515 DD2SAV Stem Actuated Air Valve M-1923 08.22.16
Pneumatic N90.40.521 ST04 Shuttle Valve, G 1/2 M-1954 03.09.23
Electrical N90.40.60 DD2E04S-4 Series Relay Junction Box Kit, 4-Station M-1767 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.65 DD2E04S-8 Series Relay Junction Box Kit, 8-Station M-1768 07.30.12
Electrical N90.40.720 DD2T30U 30mm Panel On Gage Sensor Kit - Aluminum M-1889 01.16.13
Electrical N90.40.725 DD2T18U 18mm Panel On Gage Sensor Kit - Aluminum M-1890 01.16.13
Electrical N90.40.730 DD2T08 8mm Hydraulic Cam Sensor M-1896 09.15.17
Electrical N90.40.735 DD2S30 30mm Panel Leaving Sensor Kit M-1904 12.09.21
Electrical N90.40.741 DD2A24 24-Pin Die ID Adapter Box M-1986 04.22.19
Electrical N90.40.745 DD2DB24 24-Pin Die Distribution Block M-1934 07.27.18
Electrical N90.40.750 CECG4E Electrical Extension Cable, Coiled M-1935 03.25.22
Electrical N90.40.760 CE12SS Distribution Block Extension Cable M-1965 11.19.20
Electrical N90.40.765 SCU04S2 Standard Series Connector Union M-1975 11.17.17
Electrical N90.40.86 BRK4E Bulkhead Receptacle Kit M-1719 07.30.12
Pneumatic N90.40.900 CPN38R Air Adapter M-1813 06.25.14
Draw Die N90.50.105 DD2GB100 Blank Gage, Bar Sensor - 100mm Ht M-1656-100 07.19.16
Draw Die N90.50.110 DD2GB150 Blank Gage, Bar Sensor - 150mm Ht M-1656-150 07.19.16
Draw Die N90.50.115 DD2GB200 Blank Gage, Bar Sensor - 200mm Ht M-1656-200 07.19.16
Draw Die N90.50.120 DD2GB250 Blank Gage, Bar Sensor - 250mm Ht M-1656-250 07.19.16
Draw Die N90.50.125 DD2BG50 Binder Bumper Gage, Air Cylinder - 50mm M-1942-50 10.09.18
Draw Die N90.50.125 DD2BG40 Binder Bumper Gage, Air Cylinder - 40mm M-1942-40 10.09.18
Draw Die N90.50.70 DD1BG50 Binder Bumper Gage, Gas Spring - 50mm M-1851-50 10.09.18
Draw Die N90.50.70 DD1BG40 Binder Bumper Gage, Gas Spring - 40mm M-1851-40 10.09.18
Draw Die N90.50.75 DD2GBA200 Adjustable Blank Gage Bar Sensor Kit M-1863 04.22.21
Pierce Die N90.60.65 DD2PBXL XL Punch Storage Box M-1973 08.22.17
Progressive N90.80.120 DD2FHE Pneumatic Header - Elevator Accumulator M-1966 03.14.17
Progressive N90.80.21 DD2ER Progressive Part Stack Sensor Kit M-1809 12.22.21
Progressive N90.80.22 MB18G Progressive Part Stack Mounting Bracket M-1793 08.31.12
Progressive N90.80.30 DD2DV10 Progressive Diverter Valve Kit M-1774 08.31.12
Progressive N90.80.35 DD2ST9 Progressive Air Surge Tank Kit M-1772 11.06.14
Progressive N90.80.41 DD2SF100 Progressive Short Feed Sensor Kit - Vertical M-1791 12.22.21
Progressive N90.80.42 DD2SF100S Progressive Short Feed Sensor Kit - Straight M-1792 06.16.20
Progressive N90.80.43 DD2SF50 Progressive Short Feed Sensor Kit - Vertical M-1894 12.22.21
Progressive N90.80.50 DD2A19P Die ID Adapter Box - Progressive M-1739 12.16.20
Progressive N90.80.55 DD2DB12P Distribution Block - Progressive M-1740 10.30.18
Press Equip. P90.40.155 M-1383-A AC Transfer Rail Cable M-1383-A 08.31.12
Press Equip. P90.40.155 M-1588-A DC Transfer Rail Cable M-1588-A 08.31.12
Press Equip. P90.40.155 M-1588 DC Transfer Finger Electrical Cable M-1588 08.31.12
Press Equip. P90.40.175 CP19 19-Pin Plug & Cable Assemblies CP19 03.25.20
Press Equip. P90.40.175 DD2TKN Electrical Die Test Kit M-1980 01.21.19
Press Equip. P90.40.175 CE19 19-Pin Extension Cables M-1928 06.22.16
Press Equip. P90.40.175 CJ19 19-Pin Jumper Cables M-1927 06.22.16
Press Equip. P90.40.175 CA19 19-Pin Receptacle Mounting Adapters CA19 08.31.12
Press Equip. P90.40.175 DD2RP19 19-Pin Panel Receptacles DD2RP19 08.31.12
Press Equip. P90.40.305 DD2CP-F Pneumatic Press Coupler M-1948 03.20.17
Press Equip. P90.40.305 PTC38 Coiled Nylon Tubing, Single M-1951 11.21.19
Press Equip. P90.40.315 DD2CPL-4P Pneumatic Press Coupler - Lube Port M-1949 03.20.17
Press Equip. P90.40.405 DD2CU-HP Pneumatic Press Utility Coupler, Elec Conn M-1640A 03.20.17
Press Equip. P90.40.405 DD2CU-HS Storage Utility Coupling Plate, High Volume M-1640C 05.23.18
Press Equip. P90.40.410 DD2CU-HP2 Pneumatic Press Utility Coupler, M-1640E 03.20.17
Press Equip. P90.40.741 CJ24 24-Pin Jumper Cables M-1930 01.12.17
Press Equip. P90.40.741 CE24 24-Pin Extension Cables M-1931 01.12.17
Press Equip. P90.40.741 CA2419 Adapter Cable, 24-Pin Die to 19-Pin Bolster M-1991/2 03.25.20
Press Equip. P90.40.741 CA1924 Adapter Cable, 19-Pin Die to 24-Pin Bolster M-1993/4 03.25.20
Press Equip. P90.40.741 PTM24 Press Test Monitor, 24-Pin Press PTM24 11.01.18